SeaClouds is a novel open source platform that performs Seamless Adaptive Multi-cloud Management of Service-based applications.

This framework, based on cloud standards, consists of an Application Management System over Clouds (AMSoC), which helps developers by making more efficient the design, development, planning and management of complex business applications across multiple and heterogeneous clouds, something unfeasible hitherto.

SeaClouds mainly focus on providing the tools for Modelling, Planning and Controlling cloud applications regardless the underlying provider, resulting on improved QoS and QoB, SLA compliance, optimization, agility, portability and interoperability.

This AMSoC works at different levels (IaaS and PaaS) and implements a DevOps approach for continuous cloud-related software delivery. DevOps movement is a growing trend which addresses the typical disconnection problem of every IT department between Development and Operations teams. The goal of DevOps is to achieve a better delivery lifecycle by eliminating the silos and integrating “Dev” and “Ops” activities to be fully complimentary, with people sharing the same goals and working hand in hand with improved tools and collaborative processes.

SeaClouds can be seen as part of this DevOps movement as it provides a set of tools that facilitate adoption of business and technical requirements very early into the application lifecycle. Moreover, SeaClouds enables operations, monitoring and portability capabilities to comply with expected operational quality levels.

Among the main advantages provided by SeaClouds, which can be noticed at both design time and runtime, we can highlight:

  • Support for application deployment and migration to different providers.
  • Management and monitoring of underlying providers.
  • Increased availability and higher security.
  • Performance and cost optimization.
  • Low impact on the code and user-friendly interface.