Since SeaClouds follows an open source approach, with Apache 2.0 license, the code of the integrated prototype, together with the instructions for downloading and installing it, are already available at SeaClouds´ Github repository located at

In order to perform a deployment of the SeaClouds solution, the use of Apache Brooklyn, Vagrant and Virtual Box it is required.

Additionally, in case of needing only some components of the overall solution, all the binaries produced by each software component of SeaClouds can be downloaded by accessing here.

This current version of the SeaClouds integrated platform includes the following components:

  • GUI and Dashboard
  • Discoverer
  • Planner (Matchmaker and Optimizer)
  • Deployer
  • Monitor
  • SLA Service

In order to showcase SeaClouds and to demonstrate its benefits on a multi-cloud environment, an application example implementing a simple web chat room will be provided.