Apache Brooklyn

Apache Brooklyn is an open source framework for modelling, monitoring and management applications for cloud environments. Cloudsoft, a SeaClouds project´s partner, open sourced Apache Brooklyn in 2012, and since then it has entered the Apache Incubator in 2014.

Apache Brooklyn is able to manage provisioning and application deployment, monitor an application’s health and metrics, understand the dependencies between components and apply complex policies to manage the application defined in a blueprint. In the context of SeaClouds, the project’s Deployer component integrates part of Apache Brooklyn for this functionality, extending and improving it.

SeaClouds’ interest and projected collaboration with Apache Brooklyn is summarized below:

  • Use: Brooklyn’s deployment functionality is being used as part of the SeaClouds Deployer component within the project’s architecture

  • Extension: SeaClouds, recognizing it as a contribution to its platform, must extend Apache Brooklyn’s deployment functionality to achieve the above role. This implies direct contribution by SeaClouds developers to the Apache Brooklyn open source project via GitHub.

  • Exploitation Path: Apache Brooklyn acts as an auxiliary channel for project impact, improving a European open source application management tool that has already been the base for commercial solutions tested and successful in the market.